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Feed the Poor in Ramadan

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JIBIKA wants to feed at least 20 persons per night including children who live on streets and are have-nots or working poor. We would buy them a dinner pack (polao/tehari/biriyani+water) for each of last 10 days of Ramadan. Every night, we shall feed 20 new people. So our target is to feed at least 200 people in 10 nights within Dhaka and Chittagong. The average cost per meal per person would be BDT 100 (USD 1.25) only. So we are looking for a fund of at least BDT 20,000 or USD 250. Please come forward and sponsor as many meal as you can. To donate as local or international residents, please click here

Sponsor a Meal

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  1. So far fund raised for sponsoring a meal for 630+ persons from individual contributions and already 461 people have been distributed food
  2. JIBIKA Foundation in Collaboration with has started a Campaign where LittleAngels will donate 100 taka for each of its transaction exceeding 800 taka to sponsor a meal to an underprivileged child/person. This is valid for the last 10 days of Ramadan. So if you are looking for buying stuff for your kids, please visit Little Angels at Banani 11.

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Help Ashfaqur Survive to Fight Cancer

Dewan Ashfaqur Rahman, A 38 year old young BUET Graduate and SAVP of Midland Bank is suffering from Bone Cancer in Spinal Cord area. He is the only son of his parents and his father passed away long ago. Ashfaq has a beautiful family like many of us but his fate deceived him this time. With a 5 year old daughter he is left with nothing but a life-taking disease which put him into a question whether he can live enough to see his daughter growing in front of him. Upon diagnosis of the disease, he went to Bangkok and spent 15 lac baht (BDT 70 lacs) on his treatment. He had to sell his valuable belongings/assets to manage this fund. He is back in Bangladesh now and diagnosed to be in 4th stage of cancer. He needs another 3 chemo therapies and an expensive diagnosis test to give him hope to live further. He needs 5 lacs taka (USD 6000) for that. His wife told me that they are finding it difficult now to even continue their daughter’s education and living expense.

If you are a father or a wife, you can understand the pain and emotional breakdown this family is going through. The 5-year child has no fault and should not lose her father at such an early age.

Therefore we request you to kindly come forward as a responsible and kind human being to help this family within your capacity. Any contribution is welcome and will light some hope for him to sustain breath.

How to Donate?

We want to make sure that we can accumulate a handsome fund and hand it over to his wife. Therefore you can donate by 3 options irrespective of your location in this planet.

  1. Click HERE to Donate Online
  2. Bkash the cash to 01713081054
  3. Issue an Account Payee Cheque in his wife’s name “Mithila Rahman” and ask us to collect it
  4. Direct Deposit to Following Account (But please inform us if you deposit directly as we need to know the total contribution through JIBIKA’s effort)
    Account Name: Mithila Rahman
    Account number: 1018002146321
    National Bank Limited  
    Mohammedpur branch
    Contact Number: +88 01713081054, +88 01973700014

Please do not delay. His chemo therapy is due soon and he has only 37000 taka(USD 500)  in his account.

Glimpses from his recent past